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Need help with VPS and PROXIES ! Just starting with GSA :)

Hello GSA forum members

I am new with GSA SER so i am about to get a VPS and some proxies to kick start. Well, at the moment i have just 2 websites that i can build link to. I have done my tier 1 manually and now i am going to build rest of the tiers via GSA and the last one via SCRAPEBOX.

So, what kind of VPS should i get ? I mean for just 2 websites. 

Also, about the proxies. What would your suggest ? 10 private proxies based in USA or other countries ? 

In addition to this, proxies has to be based in different locations continents/counties/states ? Or just US based, with different states will work ? 

Sorry if this is stupid question but i am very new to GSA so i would like your experiences and suggestions.


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