Bulk Email Providers needed

Hey guys,

I know there are a shitload of those email account providers, but often enough you'll run into issues with them reselling accounts, delivering not verified accounts, you name it.

With the recent chagnes on hotmail, my go-to guy is working on a solution for the issue. Meanwhile I still need quite a load of emails which should meet our requirements like spam filter disabled, pop3 access etc.

If somebody has a trustable contact to buy from or could recommend any shop I'd be very thankful. No matter they are on the more pricey end of the providers, quality is superior in this case along with a fast delivery time.

Not sure about yahoo reading mixed things recently about them changing possibilities for pop etc. so any infos are highly appreciated!

Thank you all in advance


  • Would like the same as OP. Anyone with a solution or selling such emails please PM me.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO http://blazingseollc.com/proxy
    Accepted Answer
    We (BanditIM) will be sending an email out within the next 12 hours to everyone who has signed up with us. We are stockpiling accounts currently to be able to sell again. We've had to toss out 50k+ stocked up accounts, so we're moving to AOL now. From all our testing it's looking promising :).
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