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GSA doesn't stop when reaches the limit....

I set "Stop project after 50 VERIFICATIONS for 1440 Minutes" So that I don't have to monitor the projectd 24/7 and this way I'll keep getting decent ammount of backlinks in a controlled way to prevent penalization however I find GSA going over 50 every single time until I manually stop it....

I just made a project with custom URLs to post to and it went to 90 verifications without stopping , I had to stop it manually or it would keep getting backlinks...

how to fix this


  • ronron

    Use 'submitted per day'. SER is multithreaded, simultaneously posting on multiple properties - which makes it about impossible to hit a target exactly.

    As far as verifieds, you may have a bunch of posting done, and then it checks later on for verifieds, and your number is too high. The system can't possibly know out of a batch of submitteds how many verifieds there will be. Using the verified method is just a very imprecise way to go about it.

    We've learned that it is better to use submitted per day. All that is required to get better at this is to understand about what percentage of your submitted actually become verified. Depending on the platform and engines you choose as well as other settings, a lot of us are somewhere between 10% - 40% - most of us are 15% - 20%. So if you know your verified averages 20% of submitted, and you know your verified target is 50 per day, then you submit 250 links per day. This method work pretty darn well.

  • Thank you so much Ron!

    I'm using my own custom urls and they are somewhat related to my niches so I'm getting
    ~250 submitted per 50 verified hope its not too bad
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