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Ability to Re-Use Social Bookmarking Accounts

edited August 2012 in Feature Requests
I personally would like to see the ability to re-use bookmarking accounts to make new bookmarking posts every x amount of minutes, hours etc because right now the software only supports 1 post per account.  


  • Please consider adding this.  This feature alone would make GSA Search Engine Ranker > ANY social bookmarking software out there on the market.
  • Yes i agree. Would be a usefull feature. But i guess its not that simple to implement?!

  • How hard to implement it is can only Sven tell us. But you have to keep in mind that tools like BMD do a lot just for this plattform (like checking if the account is still active, carmouflage bookmarks, speed of bookmarking and so on).
  • Well i think it´s not the point to replace tools like BMD. Its maybe just a nice idea not to have for every project a single account with almost just one submitted site in it. It´s just usefull to avoid spamming  (just my opinion).

    But off course it´s not a prio task...
  • It may be possible by splitting the engine files into 1 for register steps and another for login and post steps, and utilizing the static data file to remeber logins. This would still involve doing 1 run at a time.

    I dont  expect this to be an officialy supported, GUI based option though, because it just doesnt fit with the basic ethos of the program as it stands

    In order to post new content to the same account, it would need to process things sequentially, eg the bookmark content and url would need to be chosen 1 at a time from a list, rather than generated randomly from a pool/spintext (many many bookmark sites do not allow the same url to be posted twice for example).
    Also, GSA SER is built around the concept of automatically scraping and posting in a loop fasion, which clearly wouldnt work with this method.

    The underlying script engine of GSA SER is capable of doing almost anything you want in regards to posting to webforms, but some options are just not compatible with others, and the developer can only take it in one direction before it becomes counter productive, as the more complicated it becomes, the more support is required, and less advanced users (whos money is worth the same as anyone elses) may be turned off. 
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas

    Well said!
  • i really dont understand why people are that hostile against new ideas? Even if they are maybe silly, its just to discuss in a friendly way how to make a great piece of software even better :-)

    so whats wrong in it to store allready registered accounts somewhere and check before register a new account if its allready existing. And if its allready existing to login with that data instead to register a new one?

    Whats wrong in that way if you have many projekts running to submit all different urls into just one account instead to register for every single url a new account?

    viele Grüße

  • @holger, sorry if i somehow seemed hostile to new ideas, its not intended, quite the opposite in fact.

    The reason this would not work as the OP intended (post new bookmark every x minutes) is because the software is set up to post the same data (or variations via spin, url pool etc) to multiple sites, not post different data to the same sites - its a completely different setup.

    The software would require major changes to do this in an intuitive manor from the GUI, though it can probably be achieved manually in the way i suggested.

    Also many platforms like forum profiles can only have 1 link per account.

    Once again no hostility intended, just trying to make it clear why one idea is a lot less likely to be implemented than another.

    If its any consolation, i hardly ever use GSA SER in auto mode, so would have no issue seeing its focus turned to a more manual software that would allow such possibilities to expand and grow, but that is not what GSA SER is, maybe you will see GSA SearchEngineBlaster in the future!!!
  • While I appreciate your "expert" opinion as to how difficult and/or easy it would be to add this function I am afraid that only the product developers can have the final say m3ownz.  This function is not much different from the one already implemented with xfire. 

    If i create a campaign and have xfire selected along with the option to post more than once to each domain then it creates an xfire blog about once every hour or so, the bookmarking would work the exact same way.

    If implemented, It would basically work like this

    1.  Check to see if there is an account made for this bookmarking site
    2.  Create account or login to existing account
    3.  Check to see how many bookmarks were made with that account today (to make sure it doesn't go over a set number of posts to avoid spam)
    4.  Post x amount of bookmarks over x amount of time per day.

    There could even be the option to que up multiple emails accounts to the bookmarking function so if 1 account gets banned it immediately makes a new account with different email.  This function would serve to attract a llot of new customers that are fed up with the faulty & expensive social bookmarking softwares that are out there right now.
  • Oh i see we just were just talking about different things :-)

    Sorry my fault. I just meant to use the same account for different projects and different url. Not posting with one project the same url different times.

    Anyways...GSA SearchEngineBlaster?...sounds like a good idea... :-)
  • SvenSven
    the latest version can now build more than one link to social bookmarks if you use it in tier projects.
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    the latest version can now build more than one link to social bookmarks if you use it in tier projects.

    How i can achieve that?
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