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Anyone Uses Scrapebox with GSA?

I scraped 5k urls with scrapebox related to one of my niches to get related backlinks.

I added the target urls to gsa to the project and let it during the night and it made 0 verified. Is this normal?


  • did you use any of the SER footprints?
  • probably not which footprints are you talking about? I used the normal blog one that scrapebox comes with
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    Default SB footprints should result in sites that will be usable by SER. How many submitted did you have? Did you delete duplicates? Are you sure you didn't setup some heavy PR or OBL filters? 
  • Had no submitted or verified and didn't use SB footprints. No PR filter and OBL only under 100 obl
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    Well if you didn't have any submitted you can't have any verified. xD

    Also you wrote "I used the normal blog one that scrapebox comes with"? SB = Scrapebox

    For some reason SER didn't post to any of the sites, you need to figure out why and then run it again. 
    Screenshot your project settings and post them here so we can take a look and see if there's something you missed.
  • well I'm getting around 50k URLS now to post to related to my niche using GSA footprints, will post results
  • Do you guys recommend using GSA default scraper or scrapebox to scrape good links?
  • Anyone knows how to integrate Captcha Breaker and Recaptcha OCR in scrapebox?
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    i was using scrapebox but have switched to Gscraper. SB is a resource hog compared to Gscraper. I can actually run Gscraper with 100 threads at the same time as running GSA full blast with no problems. Can't do that with SB.
  • @wizzardly - do you use private or public proxies for scraping. I tried gscrapers free version and it burnt my 20 private proxies within minutes although the threads were very low.
  • I am using mentioned in the sales forum section for scraping. Also, Gscraper sells their own proxies but I haven't tried them.
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    Wizzardly - I'm using Gscraper proxies, which are good, but seem rather expensive. I'm wondering what package you use from reverseproxies for your 100 threads with GS?  Definitely looks interesting and I have to assume they're working well for you.  Thanks in advance.

    edit - never mind, I just read through the sales thread and see that it would take 10 ports. With the 50% discount they're offering (hopefully still offering), that would be a lot cheaper than what I'm paying for the GScraper proxies...  I'm curious though, are you only using these for scraping with GS? What are you using in SER?
  • +1 wondering how many threads @wizzardly? Looked at BHW, he recommends to use 3x the amount of threads per port for scraping, so at 100 threads that would be 33 ports, which would be $110+/m just for the proxies.
  • With gscraper, scraping is ok but then :
    Remove duplicate URL
    Holdf duplicate domain max to 10
    Check google pagerank domain
    Delete PR < 1
    Check language
    Delete url i Title is not the good language
    Check outbounk link title
    Delete url if obl > 30

    take lot’s of time…..

    Is it better to import directly all the scrape or take time to do it on gscraper for quicker results on GSA ?

  • @cander I've recently started to get into scraping (I had experience but starting to take more interest since yesterday to get more targets as using just SER to scrape my LPM just revolves around 6 or less, tldr, not getting enough targets. Using Gscraper). But yes, I'd personally do all those operations on Gscraper as its fast and powerful. For example, I wouldn't want to burn my private proxies on checking PR in SER and would rather use Gscraper to check it. All those operations are quite fast in Gscraper. So you just let SER then do what it's engineered primarily for - posting. You'll notice it'll be blazing at then (I'm yet to experience this as I haven't started all this fully, but saying this from other people's experience and posts like @gooner ). Although I was too never a fan of scraping in one thing and importing in other thing, what @ron calls babysitting haha (I agree that with utmost respect). But I never got enough targets unless masters like ron, LeeG, Tim and others so I'd try the other way round and see if it can be helped. Cheers.
  • Btw there's a bug on forum @Sven in case this forum software was upgraded. The line break (br />) is not being done on the posts despite leaving the break in the input area.
  • SvenSven
    I know...will fix that soon sorry.
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