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Dependencies or Parent/Child

After the nice articlemix function, it is quity easy to setup tier 2 and higher content with auto generated content.
This gave me the idea of implementing a parent/child system for projects where properties can be passed to child projects (upper tiers). This would speed up the campaign setup as we do not have to copy and load settings/content for all the projects.
A little example for clearification:
Project "Main" is filled with all the content like article/title/descriptions ... and specific settings like engines and options are properly adjusted.
Now, by creating a child project of "Main", we can easily create other tiers and specify which stuff should be pulled from the parent project.

The function could be combined with an "auto-tier" system where we could say e.g. create 3 tiers for the main project and the software does the rest.


  • SvenSven
    That is actually a step backwards in my eyes. I have some other things in mind that would help to setup things with tiers. Just wait a couple of versions for that to happen.
  • I trust you, you always came up with the sweetest stuff ;)
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