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Need to add target urls to a single project.

I run several projects due to SEO'ing over 5 websites at same time and I use scrapebox to ahrvest 3-10k URLs for EACH niche of my sites to get relevant backlinks the thing is I need to find a way to add target URLs to a single niche (or all other niches will use the target url from the other niche)

its hard to explain but I want to assign a single project the target urls , how do i do it?


  • on SER main window,
    select the project or Tier you want to add target URLs
    right click selected project > import target URLs

    that will do the job
  • I tried importing 5k blog URLs into GSA and let it do the job during hte night but it didn't get a single verified... is this normal?
  • SvenSven
    Depends on too many things. Post some log lines.
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