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Tip - Image and video spinning for tier 1 blogs.

Just a tip for anyone looking to insert spun videos and images of your choosing. This proces should take about 15 minutes when you get good at it. The articles look fabulous, and could help you get past human inspection. I got this from Mattew Woodward, but I thought I wiould share it. Images Go to google images and open 50 or so Image URLs in their own tabs. Firefox has a plugin called URL lister that will grab the URLs from the tabs, and put them into a list. Drop the list into the best spinner and click "spin together". You can stop here, and random images will be dropped into the post. Videos For videos, grab the embed code, and bring it into Excel. Break the embed code into 5 cells in a row. The video ID is in the embed code twice. Put the snippet before the first video ID into cell A1. Put the video ID into cell B1. Put the snippet from in between the video IDs into cell C1. Repeat the Video ID in D1. Put the last snippet in E1. Copy/paste A1,C1, and E1 into 50 or so cells in their respective columns. Grab some more video IDs and fill in the blank columns. In cell F1 type "=A1&B1&C1&D1&E1" this reassembles the embed code. Copy and paste it into the Cells below. Grab all of the video embed codes and drop them into the best spinner. Hit "spin together". This will give you spun videos. Spun Images and Videos Select the videos and the images, and hit "spin together". You can pick the option to spin in a blank so that not all articles get a video or image. I like to add the spun videos and images at the very top of the article and about halfway down, between paragraphs.


  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited September 2013
    I use this method all the time and it works really well, although I would substitute the firefox URL addon for the image grabber in scrape box, if you have it (as it's much easier and quicker).

    However, I believe that you can also just use macros in SER to achieve the same thing?

    Also, for anyone else who may be interested, you can see Matthew Woodward's guide to article spinning here.
  • Matthew Woodward's entire series is incredible. It's what brought me to the dark side. My only critique is that he doesn't share the problems of some of the software.

    Of course GSA is flawless.
  • The only thing with this is that on the 2.0 and the Social Networks in GSA very few will allow a video. So while you put in the code very few will be able to take it and post a video. Others will just show the code so it looks sloppy and others will delete it all together.

    Wish there was a way to breakdown which 2.0 and SN took html code so we could only post certain articles + videos to those and do something else with the others...
  • SvenSven
    @Domainer feel free to let us know what platforms do support iframes/img tags in html and we can all improve the engine scripts.
  • Sven...wish I knew but I can def ask one of my friends who may know and if he tells me will for sure pass it on.
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