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Improve SER performance by changing RE-verification procedure

edited September 2013 in Feature Requests
by definition for THIS post
we have:
  • 1 project with 2000 links (successful VERIFIED submissions)
  • 1 T1 linking to above project with 1500 LINKS to above project
  • = thus missing 500 links from T1 to project
current procedure is:

if project has RE-verification enabled
a FULL re-verification of ALL 2000 links = including the 1500 which are already linked by T1

currently it seems that RE-verification is running every FEW hrs
on my limited www connection - if I start all my 4 projects,
that RE-verification takes almost one full hr with almost no submissions during that time = all resources busy for RE-verifcation (and verification)

common sense is that we have NO need to RE-verify ALL already existing links on project to have the T1 inking correctly

what we really need is the NEXT 30-50 UN-linked pages (or fewer) for the T1 links to create

similar to the current TARGET links file refiled from global site list, we have the next 20-30 NEW sites ready for submission, updated from global site list as NEEDED + WHEN needed

the same CODE functionality could be used to cache the next XX links to be re-verified

to save resources and SPEED-UP SER performance
IMO it would be enough to RE-VERIFY the next xx links to be ready for our T1 to link to

in above example = to RE-verify the UN-linked links from our project
project link number 1501-1530 (or 1501-1550 max) (random or sequential)

when those cached NEXT 30-50 links of our project smaller than XX links = NEW 30-50 links RE-verified

that above procedure becomes even more beneficial the more links a project has and the more % of those links are already DONE in our T1

imagine you have on project 2100 links
and on T1 2050 links and only need the NEXT UNLINKED project links for the coming hours of submission ...
currently SER would re-verify 2100 links for NO technical reason = just to get next 50 links ready for T1 ...

a SAVING of 95+% SER / www resources OR MUCH MORE would EASILY result on current RE-verification procedure
in addition MORE bandwidth for submission work
and less server stress on TARGET SITES
target sites = OUR FRIENDS offering FREE BL-opportunities = NO need to hammer them with unnecessary server load!

the RE-verificaiton of ALL serves but OUR curiosity and has NO functional value for SER work and serves our curiosity and statistics (and ego) ONLY

we could do this re-verification ON DEMAND (MAIN menu right click = and a choice

  • RE-verify selected
  • RE-verify ALL
depending on HOW many links we build per hour or day

we could even further reduce the number of links to RE-verify to 5-10 (depending on how many links we actually build per hour/day

and refresh re-verification as NEEDED by our link-building from T1 to project

same as above of course also valid for links / re-verification from T2 to T1, or T3 to T2, ... etc


re-verification is absolutely necessary,

but ONLY for our higher level (in our above case project) and only for UN-linked pages !
to assure our T1-BL goes to an existing page rather than to a 404 or 5xx page/site



  • @sven

    any thoughts about above method to substantially save resources ??

    may be one such optimization can MORE than fully compensate for "increased" resources needed for international UTF8 system ??
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