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Good Free verified lists out there?

I have done a lot of searching on Google for some nice free GSA ser verified link lists, I found a few nice ones but still looking for more. Does anyone know of any lists out there people have given for free ? Also I'm open for recommendations to paid lists that are good.


  • goonergooner
    Try BHW forum, lots of lists in download section but i don't know how good they are
  • I successfully use the SER-built-in feature to search online for link-lists

    how good they are, you ONLY know AFTER using them
    there are at least 2 AA list with excellent results (for newbies)

    then the easiest way to created large number of NEW targets is using SB (works also on SLOW www connection)

  • edited October 2013
    yeah I have a decent amount of links I have searched myself, but I'm on the lookout for more, even if it's list with low conversion rate. Anyone purchased any list out there that was nice? I see a lot of these but I don't know how legit they are. 
  • @hatterftw1 Just create a demo project with just about everything ticked (it can be any project URL which might not even make sense, who cares, its a dummy project ;)) with no filters and let it do its job 24/7. That way it'll scrape some nice lists of site. Also make sure to have big list of keywords, probably a dictionary word list.
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