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Does GSA check for messages like this before posting

Got a domain flagged for spamvertisements, and here is the domain I tried posting on:

The message on there is 

Do not attempt to post comment spam!!!!!!
It will automatically be blocked, your IP address will be banned, and you and the website you are spamvertising will be reported to the relevant ISP/Hosting company abuse dpartments

Is there a way to have GSA blacklist domains that have messages like this?


  • cherubcherub
    You can add

    page must have=!do not attempt to post comment spam

    to the engines in question, or add the phrase to your 'Skip sites where the following words appear' word list
  • So glad you got nailed. Maybe you shouldn't spam?
  • If you google "Do not attempt to post comment spam" then you will notice that the domain which you posted is the only one that shows up. So you're not protecting yourself against that much by avoiding this text.

    You may also want to avoid domains containing nsearch as my proxy provider deleted all my proxies because of them.
  • I'd blast the crap out of his site for spite.
  • SvenSven
    @fakenickahl whats nsearch? Any sample URL?
  • @Sven is an extremely christian social network who is under the impression that a hacker is attacking them. They contacted my proxy provider and threatened to sue them. That is why I have been avoiding it.
    I can see that what I wrote could be misinterpreted as nsearch being a big network, but it is not. Sorry.
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