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Any Having Problems with WAC v3.2 ?

When I use any keyword phrase and try either Download or build GSA data, WAC just hangs and does nothing. Anyone else have the same problem?


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    You can contact the support directly from here :

  • I haven't had that problem myself. Sometimes it will hang (not responding) for a few seconds and then all is fine and it does what it's suppose to. When it hangs like that I just leave it alone until it resumes. I do know that if you don't have good working dedicated proxies the bottom left corner will say scraping threads instead of article sites etc.
  • I found out. My IP got banned by google, so I turned on Hide-My-Ass and it started working.

    Do use WAC for all your Tier's Data and how is your success rates?

    I'm about ready to by the Tier 1 upgrade from WAC so Tier 1 content is really readable.
  • Actually I haven't used it for tier one yet. But did look at the readability on the content for tier 1 downloaded from the WAC server (which is fast unlike scraping URLs) - it impressed me. Will still need to mess with the spinner settings to get it more unique etc - but it's a nice start. I was hesitant on that upgrade too. I do know the developer does work on it as he can. It should get even better with the next update.

    And actually, for tier 1 content I've just been using @royalmice GSA SER Data Packs - the 5 tier packs. Waiting for him to bust out with these 7 tier packs in the coming days. They save me loads of time. I charge it back off to my clients anyway so no sweat on the cost. Almost every site I've ran those data packs for has went to the top of Google for local key word/term ranking. I let it build about 1,000-2,000 links for each tier campaign per day and then drip feed the verifieds for 7 days to Indexification via API. So far so good for months now. No penalties. Nothing. But I do use filters to the max like no posting to the same domain twice on every tier, hellified bad word filter to avoid posting to poison word sites etc etc.

    I know with HMA and WAC that sometimes it won't work, depending on the IP you're using and if it got blacklisted. Just watch that lower left corner and if it says scraping threads hit the breaks and stop the car.
  • @Chris
    Do you build 1000 - 2000 links per day per tier for five tiers? Does that amount to 5000 - 10000 links per day? Or have I got it wrong? Also, how long does it take to see results for your keywords?
  • I run one 5 tier project (data pack) at a time throughout the day so I monitor it, using 50 threads usually with 30 full dedicated proxies from - once the verified count hits 1000 - 2000 (from all 5 tiers total) I shut it down.  So yes, not 1000 - 2000 per tier, rather per the data pack campaign - all 5 tiers together add up to 1000 - 2000 verifieds I stop that campaign and activate the next to run.

    Then do the same the next day. It gives me a steady flow and drip of links via Indexification.
  • @Chris, thanks for clarifying. Do you get 2000 verifieds per day each day? Also since you are doing a tiered campaign, how do you could 2000 verified as GSA SER gives separate verified per tier. Do you just add them all up like 50, 100, 250, 700, 900 per day?
  • I run one campaign at a time. Meaning I run all 5 of those tiers in the one campaign/data pack at one time on different levels of priority settings. So my total verified links that show is a total of those 5 tiers all running together at the same time, for one campaign/data pack..
  • splendour you could get more than 2000 verified per day if you let it run longer. I just let it run for a few hours each data pack. I have 13 of those 5 tier data packs/campaigns loaded so I only let it go for about 1000-2000 verifieds per day per campaign and then stop it and go on to the next one in an endless loop, day after day.
  • Thanks Chris, How is the readability of the Tier 1 articles for the 5 Tier Paks?

    How in GSA SER do you actually know when you hit say 1,000 verified links from all 5 tiers in a day. ? I have no clue as to how to do that.

    Do you think the 7 Tiered Paks will be even more powerful than the 5 tiered ones?

    Do you use these Pak on "real" money making e-commerce sites? I have 2 and are my main source of income and don't want to make waves from the big G.

    Can one of these Paks run for months without running out of targets to post to? And what competition level do you use for your keywords (easy, moderate, hard) ?

  • Glennf - The readability of the Tier 1 articles are pretty much like you see with any scrape and spin software. It isn't special, and it certainly isn't the worst I've seen by far. More or less it's like someone wrote something with English not as their first language. But it isn't too bad.

    Here's a Tier 1 link from one of the Data Packs I run. It's on a PR4, Do-Follow - it'll give you an idea of the articles:

    When I start running one of the Data Packs I first clear out the "Last Verified URLs" list at the top right on GSA SER so it shows 0. Then I activate all 5 tiers in one pack and hit start - so when the "Last Verified URLs" list hits 1000-2000 - I know that is a total from the 5 Tiers in the Data Pack I am running at the time.

    I think the 7 Tier Packs will be better, yes. I'll be running one soon I hope.

    No, none of the sites I run my packs for are e-commerce sites. I've been doing local SEO for small businesses in my area for the last 8-10 years. Here and there the key word competition may be difficult, but that's usually because of national chain companies. Usually it is moderate and easy. I've never had G give me any grief about anything.

    But what works for me may not work for you and yours. You just got get out there and test the waters, sink or swim. find your working method and go with it. Two different animals - local SEO key word ranking and national e-commerce site ranking. All I can say is those Data Packs work well for me for my needs. I haven't been in your situation and used them.

    I've been running some of the Packs going on two months now. I use lists that I import into GSA SER, the global lists, and let it target new URLs as it runs as well. I still get a links regularly, even having all 5 tiers set to not post to the same domain twice etc.

    Hope that helps answer some of your questions. I'll be around tomorrow.
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