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Urls with primary and secondary anchors not working?

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I built a list of Urls for a project giving each its primary anchor and also some secondary ones in spin format like this:

http://URL#Primary Anchor#{Sec Anchor 1|Sec Anchor 2|...}

In the list the secondary anchors are not showing up, I also tried to export data and to reimport it but nothing...It seems as it has lost them.
Also verified links are either with primary anchors or empty anchor.


  • Is it only me with this problem?
  • edited October 2012
    Wrong format;{KW1|KW2}

    You have to many hashes.....
  • Thanks for your answer, but I think you are wrong. One of the last updates was about setting the secondary Anchor text, so the one you showed me would be good to spin the primary anchor text.
    This format (in non spin version) is what is generated by SER when you go to URL->edit->Add Url+Anchor+secondary ancor: anchor#secondary anchor

    The problem I had is that after setting up several of these URLs with the respective anchor texts, they disappeared and only the primary shows up.

    I'll try to replicate this so I'll be more precise on how this "bug" comes up.

  • SvenSven
    @sibolo, that bug was fixed some version ago. You have to enter the secondary anchor again if it doesn't show up in the gui.
  • @sibolo sorry, I misread you were talking about secondary anchors. Hopefully Sven has clarified :)
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