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LPM lowered after update from 6.66?

So I reverted back too, but its still as low as 8!

After an update of that verified checkbox (post to URLs of verified links), my LPM skyrocketed for days above 45. Even today. But to my shock after updating, its only to around 8. :(

Happened with anyone?


  • goonergooner
    It happened to me too, since update my LPM has gone back down to same as before i checked "post to URLs of verified links".

    I'm not sure if update caused it or if it's just a bad day (or two days), have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.
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    @gooner Then it's not just definitely me. Actually sad to see such a low LPM after so great rise haha.

    I don't think it can be a coincidence if it happened to you and me too after updating from 6.66. That's why I generally refrain from updating versions for long. :P

    @Sven Help, hehe.

    Curious if anyone checked that option in past and is facing the same issues?

    I even ran old backup of 6.66 FYI, but still no improvement. Perhaps there was a change somewhere other then the executable itself maybe, just maybe, wild guess.
  • goonergooner
    @pratik - Yea i know what you mean!

    I just shut down SER and rebooted VPS and now it has improved again, hope it stays that way.
    Try it and see if it helps you too.
  • @gooner Actually it was result of restarting VPS and updating as well. Anyway, I'd try it now again and see if it helps. Will report back.

    Curious to see if yours rose back to the same level?

  • goonergooner
    @pratik -  Right now it is exactly the same as before the update, 130 LPM.
    But it looks like it is dropping so i'll let you know in an hour or so.
  • @gooner Unfortunately for me, it's still the same. It's reverted back to same old low LPM again. @Sven come to the rescue haha.
  • I noticed this too. My LPM is 50% down after the update. Restarted. Does not help
  • goonergooner
    @pratik - Mine seems ok still. Sorry man i don't know what causes it, hopefully sven can help you and @system0102
  • @Sven any ideas? It's not just me then, something seems wrong.

  • @Sven Pardon me for bothering again but I would like to hear from you. Especially seeing after a high LPM of 45+ and now lowered down to 15-20 after update from 6.66 (and even reverting back doesn't solve problem) bothers me a lot.

    Could you please look into the issue?

    Thank you.
  • For me the problem is not LPM, for me is creating wikis and social networks, it does not create even half of those, last month i was creating 1000 each, and now less than 300.

  • SvenSven
    NO, I will just refuse to answer to threads like "LMP down since vx.yy". This is useless. Either you show some serious things I can debug or it's just a personal feeling that LpM have increaded/decreased. It's just boring.
  • @Sven Sorry, I didn't wanted to make you angry. I too, refuse to make such threads because I know how difficult and boring it may get for you to hear same things again and again. But it was all fine with that new option and since then I encountered this.

    But not a problem.

    Thanks for answering.
  • donaldbeckdonaldbeck Advanced SER Videos -> | Learn SER For Free Step By Step ->
    Are you guys talking specifically about 6.66? Or everythign after that? I have one copy of 6.68 running at 250 lpm, so its something on your end.
  • @donaldbeck, for power users it might not be a problem. But for us who got good success on LPM after the new option Sven introduced in recent versions gave quite significant rise, which might not be much for users like you as you guys are already boasting it. :)
  • donaldbeckdonaldbeck Advanced SER Videos -> | Learn SER For Free Step By Step ->
    Did you save the version that worked well for you? Should use that if you do.
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    Yes, I did and indeed tried it too but guess some files are overwritten (running old version didn't fixed it too). Not sure as I'm not very technical when it comes to softwares haha.
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    Its now even more bad. Around 12 or many a times even 3 or 5. Oh well.
  • v6.66 works great for me.  I posted a few days ago on how the last 2 versions cut my lpm by 1/3rd.  Several people in skype groups I hang out in also reverted back to v6.66.  My lpm is back over 300 now.
  • @HappyBear or anyone: Can you upload somewhere version 6.66. I also want to revert to that version and I don't know where to get it.
  • It's strange but I'm testing since 2 days so posting this.

    I'm using latest version of SER but the previous version of CB (I think its 2.13) and I am maintaining an LPM of 40+ or at least 35 since past 2 days.

    So perhaps give it a shot. It's really weird how it happens sometimes.
  • RhymRhym Mājās :)
    For me not only LpM lowered after 6.66, but I get a lot of Out Of Memory pop-ups as well; even thou I run my GSA on a very powerful VPS, and had no issues before 6.66.
  • Unfortunately I dont know anything about recording my desktop or I'd be happy to demonstrate that this is not just a "personal feeling" but a real and huge difference where I'm at 50-60lpm with the latest version and +200, and as high as 310 yesterday with v6.66.
  • I tested the option "post to URLs of verified links" twice
    once the very moment it was published for about one full day on all projects and T (total 7)

    and it appeared to use that much additional resources that the computer was mostly out of resources and non-responsive = i.e. for a click to be done it took up to one minute and several times apps needed to be killed using task-manager

    then I de-activated that option on all projects and T
    ad all was back to normal

    before yesterday again I activated that option "post to URLs of verified links" for almost one day
    together with a high quality target list, 22 threads only, the computer was mostly at or near 99% CPU
    may be due to much higher LpM or due to that option's additional resources needed ??

    now that option is OFF again
    currently no opportunity to run SER due to the recent loss of re-verification backlinks experienced by a few.

    the option looks very interesting but SER in general extremely resource hungry and the option to do the very similar with SB is much faster for me
  • goonergooner
    @hans51 - That option is indeed resource hungry, but it was been made considerably worse since version 6.69.
    Prior to that i used it without issue, now onto version 6.71 and it takes less than an hour to consume the entire allotted 3GB
  • Fortunately I haven't updated yet. Thanks. Was waiting to see your all's feedback. @gooner @hans51 perhaps go back to 6.66-6.68?
  • @Praktik

    lucky you
    for me too late to roll back, already too much damage on DATA from 6.69
    SER now all stopped and waiting / hoping  for fixes

    since weeks already I thought it would be nice to have the current "version history" available online for verification BEFORE doing an upgrade
    some of the new features may only be attractive to certain users

    for now the new features seem to be visible only after download/upgrade of a new version - and sometimes too late

  • SvenSven
    @hans51 just because you got a fight with me about encoding and proper coding doesn't mean you have to go around and post such stupid things. I am here to fix everything and noone has to give up "hopes". Just stop behaving like a child.
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    @hans51 @Sven is right. Well, every application has bugs, so I'm sure he's doing his best to fix any possible bugs (if any). His softwares are fantastic and even myself being a web application coder, sometimes bugs do strike and I know that.
  • Sven is one of the best developers. Period. We can all agree that.
    It's just that these last few versions aren't so good as the old ones.

    I already asked this, but can somebody upload the 6.66 version ? Or something older ? 6.6x ?
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