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GSA Indexer and pinging?

Is this too much? For Tier 1? I want to make sure settings before I buy it and use it, dont want my Tier 1 setting off flags to Google/search engines.

Currently it seems it would ping urls, and also would send them to indexer (when i buy).


  • Need an answer before I purchase I am confused!
  • goonergooner
    You can ping and index with no problems. Many indexing services will ping them for you so it's fine to do so.
  • I wouldn't use indexer on your T1 stuff as I'm thinking it leaves too big a foot print. Index T1 by building links from higher tiers.
  • Davbel that is what I was thinking and curious about. Anyone else confirm this? I'll prob go with this answer.

    cool to Ping and index other tiers? or if I use GSA I dont need to use the ping section.
  • goonergooner
    I have always indexed all tiers going back years, never did me any harm.
    In a split test sites with tier 1's indexed got rankings quicker than those that didn't.
    Test for yourself is the best advice.
  • Are these churn and burn sites we are talking about Gooner or ones more long term
  • goonergooner
    Long term sites... sites for seo clients, my own affiliate sites... all sites :)
  • great. So, indexer, AND all the ping options are okay, or does GSA already do ping as well and I should disable that part?
  • goonergooner
    Disable ping on SER is better in terms of speed.
    But i really recommend you test for yourself, @davbel gave you his opinion and i gave you mine but both are based on experience and really there is no substitute for that :)
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