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Tiers Projects


I just create 15 web 2.0 high PR (used 3 different keywords same niche) and I want to make tiers backlinks to those with GSA SER.

Can you please advice me with the following questions:

1. Is it better to create only 1 project and import all the web 2.0 urls or is it better to create 15 different projects (one project per each of the 15 web 2.0) ?
2. I have a big list of scraped urls for my niche. If I create 15 projects is it good to run the list for each project separately, or for all projects at once (same time) ?
3. Can I use the same searching keywords for the 15 projects after the list complete ? As I said before all the 15 web 2.0 have keywords with same niche.

Thanks in advance


  • Wow @teo lots of questions :D

    1. Either.  One project for all will be quickly and you can use different KW per site if you want to, although 1 project per site gives more granularity regarding setup
    2. Either, although I'd prob do all at the same time
    3. Yes, or use similar
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