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Hotmail Emails Fail

I've probably seen every thread concerning this issue, but can't find any solution to this problem.

I bought 1K hotmail emails from I loaded 4 or 5 to my project, checked them and all failed. I enabled proxies from squid proxies (I know, they suck), still failing. I've tried it around 30 times, no help. I then bought 30 semi dedicated proxies from Buy Proxies and the emails worked all of a sudden. The very next day I saw a lot of failed verifications, so I checked my emails again. All failed. Added some new and all failed again. Then I checked again and 3 out of 8 were working fine. Then checked once again and all of them were working. Miracles indeed. I started project, run it for 15 minutes and again, all are failing.

When I manually log in, it asks for phone verification. I can skip this option, but it says that it's possible to skip just for the next 7 days. Could this be the issue?

None of the emails are blacklisted. Proxies work fine most of the time, but that's another chapter.
I am running on Win 7 within EU and using EU proxies. Emails fail whether I use proxies or not.

I have absolutely no idea what's wrong, I do not have any anti virus installed, my firewall is completely off and just in case, the exceptions are all added. I am growing desperate at this point. Any advices would be welcome, thank you.

EDIT: I checked now, 15 minutes after I wrote this post, didn't change anything and guess what? They are working again now... Wtf is going on with it?


  • ive noticed that i have the same problem, does anyone know why this issue?
  • Just for everyone who also has this problem.
    I ordered emails from here: , they had a delay in delivery, but the emails work like charm, so that's it for Hotmail from me.
  • Anybody else having experience with that provider or can recommend any alternative?

    Nargil, would you mind sharing if the mails they provide have all spam emails disabled and are ready to use for GSA ?
  • Honestly I wasn't checking them manually. I just loaded them in and checked them by GSA. They have been running for over 24 hours now and all seems good. However guys had a delay... like 48 hours, but apart of that, all seems good. Yeh and I am in no way affiliated or anything.
  • But they don't send you hotmails only do they?

    Thanks for the info!
  • They are
    No hotmails or anything like that.
  • Tried it with the emails from and everytime I select verify emails only, it doesn't download any emails. I tried the same list with a working hotmail account and it works perfectly fine.

    Anybody else experiencing this kind of issues with accounts from seomails or has a different provider / option on hand ?
  • Yes, I had some I have been using and now they all fail, I do not know if its down or what
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