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Social network low succes over the last 2 weeks

Hello guys, any of you is noticing the same as me?

I am getting low success rate for social networks(elgg and similar) I was getting more or less 1000 verified links for my old projects 1 month ago.

Now in my last project I just got the same amount of articles, wikis ,etc but I realized i just got 250 social network, the same for other projects.

I just wondered why that was happening, I open my hotmail account i was using and I realized many mails in my pop folder, all of them had not been opened yet.

So may it be due to not activating accounts or what is it happening to social networks????

Thanks in advance


  • Please anyone for this??

    Are your social network links decreasing as well???
  • donchinodonchino
    I am seeing this as well.. noticed that mainly articles are only getting verified, and seeing that social bookmarks and social networks just don't appear anymore in the list.. tried and changed lots of things, still nothing (before this happened i did not change anything). Now i am running projects only with social bookmarks and social networks to see and getting no links at all
  • Yeah it is unusual, you get 1 month 1,1k links in that engine, and then you struggle to get even 300 links in the same engine.

    Thanks for answer, I just hope someone knows anything more than us.
  • when I first start use GSA  it has very low verified rate, and I compare to other sold pack content I found out some people setup 20 email account per project instead 1 email per project.  after I increase the email number per project  my successful rate increase   

    hope this help
  • You are right, but it is something weird having 800 less social network  links than 2 weeks ago.

    Dont know why.
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