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Verifyng bug?

edited September 2013 in Bugs
@sven im getting all links verified as good (green) and that is not true when i manually check there are dead links SER find as good... what could be wrong?


  • SvenSven
    what kind of links? post them in pm please.
  • I had that too
    2 reasons

    1. link moves on page within seconds on guestbooks and other platforms where links change page but re-verified link is to first initial page
    2. links are posted but get removed by site admin - many platform have very volatile links live only for hrs or few days then gone.

    while some platforms accept auto-approval articles

    those sites are NOT made / NOT intended for article posting but to submit

    • help requests
    • support desk requests

    If I remember right, then XpressEngine is such - a support- /-help desks contact form specially in KR

    just a contact form where the text remains online for a short while on all 2 above instances

  • platforms are (Social networks, Articles and wikis)... what happen is that when SER is veryfing its finds a couple of dead links (red) but after its Done, everything is Green (good)... i don't know why...
  • Yesterday I got many verified links moved to failed verification, when I check it manually with scrapebox, found about 30-40% of them are live, having linkbacks, when I import "failed reverification" to SERs verified, it founds 0 links, all marks as red(not verified). Please check somebody if this is only for me?
  • SvenSven
    make a project backup please. Usually it's a proxy issue.
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