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create the option to clear/erase submitted and verified urls in a campaign

After running a campaign for several days my submitted and verified url's are in the 5-6 digit range which really slows down the campaigns.  Most of the submitted url's are dead links that I need to clear manually and then I save my verified urls in a text file.  I would like to see an option to auto clear all submitted urls for a campaign after X amount of days and also the option to autosave verified urls to a .txt after x amount of days.


  • SvenSven
    Whats the use of this really? Why not just use re-verify option and for tiers use the new filter to only use verified urls in a specific date range.
  • Because that still doesn't get rid of the thousands of dead links that end up in the submitted url's part of the campaign.  With the above setup I would still have to go in and delete those submitted url's manually once they reach a certain limit or else they just slow down the campaign. 
  • use the option remove after 1st try for verifications
  • Ah, gotcha.  Will try it this way, thanks.
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