New Macro - %random_articlemix% - Your opinion wanted

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For details see here:

I'm about to improve this if someone has a good idea on how the content creation tools work and what they actually do. Right now I have no idea as I don't own one. It's just what I though is useful.

It's available in v6.66 (ohhh scary).


  • Was wondering if you can add spin macro to the %random_articlemix%  maybe a 1 more X
  • SvenSven
    yes thats in progress but in some other way.
  • Havent tested it yet as I just came back from a holiday trip but seems ultra awesome to me. You might check rankwyz content syndication process as they seem to be able to generate some quite unique and readable content + images + videos. But I dont know if they are willing to share some information on their process.
    It would be nice if we could autospin the stuff with TBS or similar tools. So SER could scrape like 2 articles, mix them together and then spin the output. This would produce quite nice stuff I guess :)
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