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5 questions on SERENGINES (NOLINK) Campaign (Screens of settings also included)

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Hi guys, I'm a subscriber of serengines and have a few questions  

1. is it ok if I do the '1st part' and create a number of blogs with 1 post without any link, no images etc,(using private proxies) and then(on my pc, without proxies) log in and add my links to moneysites, photos, links to other sites manually or may it cause some problems because of IP ? I know that I can spin it all in the text, however I want to do it manually to get the best quality, then again I'm not quite sure if it's ok to log in on verified blogs with the same ip on my pc ?

I just set my test campaign - SERENGINES NOLINK and then set 2nd campaign, also SERENGINES NOLINK with imported Accounts Data from the 1st campaign.

HTML timeout:180 
Proxies: 10 Private 
Captcha: Deathbycaptcha, 0 retries, if form can't be filled choose random

Here are my settings, screens are from 2nd campaign, I used same settings for both.







Here are my next questions:

2. Why I have 24 Verified in the 2nd campaign that went on accounts data from the 1st one where I was able to get only 21 Verified, as you can see below. In accounts data from 1st campaign were 26 links saved - which means that also fails were saved, right ? I'm trying to figure out, how I got more links in 2nd than in 1st. I've seen a post here where someone said that it goes like: Register, Login, Submit and then when you import accounts data it goes only Login and Submit, so it's not possible that GSA try to register again on the failed links from data from 1st campaign and that's the reason for more links in 2nd ? Or maybe it just added new post on existing blogs and then created a few new, if yes - is it possible to disable it and avoid creating new blogs when adding content on those from 1st campaign?


3. Both campaigns were NOLINK, however I got one post with link inserted randomly in text. (There was no anchor text code spinned in text, just spinned text). The same happened on the 2nd campaign that created post on already existing blogs. The platfrom is Is it normal that there is no way to get a post without link on this site or maybe it is my fault?

4. I exported accounts data from 1st campaign(21 Verified), check the list and there are 26 links, which means that fails are also saved. Is it bug or is it normal ? Because when I import this to the new campaign GSA will try to post another post on accounts that don't even exist.

5. I got unnatural amount of Dofollow links, (Articles, Serengines 2.0) and need to get Nofollow to make it more natural, however I would like to get them from serengines but every platform is dofollow, so can I just add rel="nofollow" and enjoy nofollow links from serengines as well ?


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