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Option to only send chosen platforms to indexer service

Hey, a great feature would be to only send contextual/full article links to indexer service.
If that is too hard, then an option to only send chosen platform verified links to indexer service instead of all...

It's a waste of time and credits to send blog comments, trackbacks etc. to our indexing services...

Sure, I could create lots of different projects to sort this, but it would increase the CPU, memory usage, keywords needed for scraping and overall reduce my LPM.

Sounds like a great feature, right?


  • am I really the only one who would like this?
  • edited September 2013
  • ronron
    If you split up platforms - like Ozz and I have recommended - then you can set that project to send its links. So my contextual tiers don't have trackbacks, etc. When I send my T1 to get indexed, it is exactly the properties I want indexed. It is easy to split up a project into two parts: T1 and T1A. Just duplicate it, and on one remove the junk links, platforms and engines, and on the other do the same except remove all contextual. Problem solved forever. 
  • +1 from me - BUT
    there are many links that are gone or on another page within MINUTES such as guestbook, etc
    but then again
    a link ONLY makes sense if it is indexed
    hence better would be just to EXCLUDE such links from submission
    submit ONLY what needs bo be indexed and found by SE

    it is wrong to belief that G or other major SE eventually will index a page / link even if NO indexing done

    personal verification on LOW PR sites done by me has shown that even 6-9 months after submission of articles, on G-indexed SITES
    there still where many links missing in G

    indexing is the only way to get valid fast BLs
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