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Should i use a proxies list for GSA indexer?

bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
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I use GSA SEO indexer behind GSA indexer, and GSA indexer receives all tier 1 backlink URLs from GSA search engine. 
For instance, GSA SER create a link like and then GSA indexer creates links to create backlinks for So, i have now 280 of those The GSA indexer has to go through the whois/stat website list to create a link for those ones. I wonder if those websites may at one point reject my IP. 

what do you think?


  • My answer after test

    Quick indexer and proxy seems the best. 

    I also tick "only the website that allow deep linking"
  • another answer.

    Guys, i have watched the full tutorial of Santos from Youtube. He said that proxies were not necessary to use GSA. 

    Don't listen to this. It is a major mistake not to use proxies. ALWAYS check if you work behind proxies. Proxies help to work under the radar because it uses a different proxy each time it needs to do something online. 

    So if you have 10 proxies, your internet activities will be divided by 10. If you have no proxies, everything will be sent from your own IP. It is bad.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @bloupbloup - I actually mentioned in a follow up video that proxies are recommended for best results and have always recommended proxies when using link building tools.

    What I mean't in the video was that proxies weren't 100% necessary for scraping due to the fact there were so many search engines in SER that could be scraped from. 

    When posting, you should use proxies if you want to stay anonymous and aren't using a bulletproof server. You will have much better results scraping if you use private/shared proxies.
  • @s4nt0s
    First i d like to say your tutorial is really good but i want to emphasize the importance of proxies. I didn't use proxies and my VPN service has been disabled because of that. 

    A webmaster complained to my VPN service saying i was spamming him with trackbacks. It was not a big deal as i found a better VPN service. Now, i am using both proxies and VPN services. I have to use VPN proxies because my ISP disconnect me if i don't use it. It means my ISP has a software that analyses traffic. If i blast links they un synchronize my ADSL connection. So i don't want problem with my ISP and i encrypt my communications thks to the VPN. A pptp was enough. 

    I advise everybody and yourself to use proxies for both GSA search engine ranker and GSA fast indexer. 

    I also discovered we should always check something like "check if anonymous". 
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