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Profiles Vs Articles

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When I select Social Network or Web 2.0, with some sites there will be Profiles created and with others there will be Articles. 
I do not see problem with profiles, as a matter of fact I would like to have profiles with backlinks created on these sites,
but how actually to separate and target just Profiles or Articles, is this possible? 


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    Yes, there are many platforms, so it is difficult to categorize them properly. Many times the same platform gets you  both a profile and an article or blog.
    As an example the Mediawiki platform is listed in the Articles, but will post only a profile and not an Article (in fact it does not need the Articel field at all).
    The way I cope with this is that if I want to select the platforms that use the "Article" object I go on in the data section and over Article I right click and choose "Enable engines that use this". I then look at the data fields and if I see some field that has showed up that I don't want, I right click on it and choose "Disable engines that use this".
    By playing around with these two options I usually get to select the ones I want.
    Hope this helps...
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  • @Sibolo thanks, its good to know this.
    But I think that method is good only if you wish to target articles, but I would also like to have an option to create just profile links, which can be used for 2nd tier or backlink diversification. The problem with the method above is if I right click on the "About Yourself" which I suppose is used for profile creation, and select the option "Enable all engines that use this" it will not just create the profile, instead it will create the articles as well on these sites. 

    You may think that solution is to right click on the "Article" section and select the "Disable all engines that use this", but it will deselect the most sites and engines where the profiles could be created.

    Would like to hear form Sven is there some possible solution.
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