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Limit random links inserted by SER to max 1 link to same target page in same article (and profile)

currently I have 2-4 random links configured
and I see most of the time SER prefers to enter multiple (up to all 4) links with same OR different anchor to SAME target URL even though there are other valid options available to SER

A feature to control max 1 random link per article (and profile) per URL would be useful

multiple links to same page with same or different anchor makes no SEO sense to me.


  • SvenSven
    I don't quit understand what you mean. Can you maybe post a sample in pm?
  • @sven
    PM sent with sample article
  • while the link I PMd you happens to be a drupal article
    this behavior of multiple links to same URL/page appears in other articles / wiki platforms as well

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