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Testing out Wicked Article Creator Upgrade for Teir 1 Content - Not Too Shabby!

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No Affiliation With WAC Whatsoever - Just Sharing Experience

I bought WAC months ago and rarely used it. Then here around a month or so ago, something like that, WAC came out with an update and upgrade option. The upgrade option is $59.00. Well I bought WAC in the first place due to it's price for a lifetime license. So the $59 upgrade option wasn't very appealing to me. I wrote and asked will there be another upgrade option and cost down the road. He said no - this is final - you won't have to pay for an upgrade etc ever again.

Still, I didn't jump on it. The thread in the BHW Forum on WAC didn't help. Saying bugs here there and everywhere. However, a lot of the bugs members were speaking of I hadn't had problems with. I finally decided to give it a try and buy the upgrade. My main reason is because I wanted tier 1 content for GSA SER that is unique and highly readable. I don't wanna spend my time hand writing and spinning content...

For those of you who feel the same way here's an example of a WAC tier 1 content text document build. Note that this is leaving everything set on default. All I did was type in "handyman" for my key word, then select readability for tier 1 and select articles to be scraped from the WAC server database (which is super fast - like a few seconds and your article, GSA SER Campaign etc is built).

WAC Tier 1 Content Example:

Preparing for Visitors When Planning a Home Celebration

Few things are more frustrating than hiring someone in good faith to handle a project that never comes to completion. This is especially true with building and renovation projects. When a project comes to a standstill and is never picked back up, the property owner has a few different ways to deal with the situation. Once it is definite that the original company hired is never coming back, something must be done with the incomplete project.

One of the first things I suggest you purchase is a book for home repairs. Home Depot has one, Lowes has one, and I know bookstores have a wide variety. These books are invaluable in gathering information either for repairs or for project planning. They will usually cover all of the basics, plus give you information on larger items which you probably will get a professional repair person for. I would suggest getting one which has ample illustrations, as these can be extremely helpful. You'll learn how to fix a toilet, replace an electrical switch, and so many other things!

Not only do property preservation companies help you keep your home pleasant, comfortable, and well turned out in an immediate sense, but they can also help you care for it in a long-term context as well. Many of us, as homeowners, have had a maintenance issue that we've put off dealing with because it didn't seem critical in the moment, or because we didn't have the time or energy to address it right away. However, we often then found out the hard way that that leak, discoloration on the wall, or funny sound coming from the hot water heater has become a much larger issue. When we don't address problems right away, they can often escalate without us even knowing and can eventually cost much more to fix, both in terms of hassle and money. This is where residential property management companies come in. When we're able to delegate maintenance and repair work to a professional team, we're much more capable of nipping problems in the bud. This not only helps us keep our homes in top condition, but it also keeps property issues from becoming more serious over time and costing more in the long run.

Similarly, if a faucet is leaking, your toilet is stopped up, or your garbage disposal is not working, you should call a handyman. In fact, it is often cheaper to call such a professional than it is to enlist the help of a plumber. To find out for sure, you can always call local handymen and plumbers to compare prices.

There are not many things that most handymen cannot do, but be sure to ask your potential worker what he can do before you hire him. For example, some do not work with electricity since many projects would be better left to a licensed electrician. However, if you can get even a portion of your needs met by this kind of worker, you will likely save lots of money and time.

Not Too Shabby?

Again, this was just leaving the spin settings at default. So may get a few Copyscape hits but not much. If you tweaked spin settings etc even that can be improved I'm sure. However, for generating highly readable content in seconds? Huh? Not too shabby in my book. Readable content spun on auto pilot just doesn't get much better than this.


  • I have been using this since it came out its very good, I don't really check the index rate but all my campaign keywords keep on climbing in serpfox

    I was kind of of pissed when I had to pay again, but its a one time payment and well worth it, I get all my 3 tiers in a matter of minutes.

    the one thing that annoys me tho is that the link macro doesn't work in tier one, its been two months and still no fix

    but overall he did a good job

  • I agree, he did a good job. We know his updates are slow - but they seem to be worth the wait. Hopefully he fixes that soon as well as adds the GSA SER Multi-Project Builder. 
  • So can you still export the entire WAC project and import directly into GSA SER?

    I have used WAC for everything in a GSA SER project but articles which the non upgrade version produced non-readable results for me.
  • ya you need the tier one upgrade, the stick rate seems to be extremely good. once he fixes the url macro in t1 and 3 tier upload it will be the best I have used


  • Thanks nexblanc01. What do you mean by "url macro in t1 and 3 tier upload"? Do you use all the WAC data for your projects?

    So you say the stick rate for Article & Social Network projects is really good?

    Have you created a lot of GSA SER projects using the WAC data exports? I'm trying to get good feedback before purchasing this module upgrade for $59
  • I guess now the comparisons need to be updated; which is better, WAC with upgrade (Tier 1) or Kontent. hmmm..
  • I don't have a WAC license , so to get this tier 1 upgrade will I have to pay $42+ upgrade fees or will I get the upgrade if I buy a new license ?
  • Sounds good, might look into WAC - thanks for the example @Chris
  • even i have the same question as @DonCorleone. Planning to buy the premium feature..Are they 2 different purchase ?.. How is wac compared to KM 3 as km 3 is recurring and wac is one time... Would be gr8 to know more abt them....

  • I'm surprised that your guys WaC works.  Mine will not work at all.   Just sits there at scraping.   Not the proxies cause they work fine in KM2. 
  • Regarding the article from WAC, the first paragraph is from:

    The second paragraph is from:

    Am I missing something? I'm not sure why this is good content. Please enlighten me.
  • edited November 2013
    Agree with Hunar & jonathanjon

    Chris: "So may get a few Copyscape hits but not much."

    In the "Tier 1 Content Example" posted there are more than 'a few' hits, both in Copyscape and by seaching for the WAC scaped content online. It's highly readable because it's not very unique at all. Period.

    The OP claims no affiliation to the product, but why bother posting on multiple forums like BHW? Just so you want to help people out. Ha! :D

    Whole post looks like false blatant promotion.

  • WAC is good tool, if you tweak it properly. According to giftcardspromocodes, you need to use advanced setting rather than default one to get good quality content from that.

  • I agree it is a bit annoying to have to pay for a revision that seemingly isn't that great. One time is enough. At least until it is a significant improvement, i.e. the SB 1.0 to SC 2.0 upgrade, and even then it was a free upgrade. I'll pass on this for now.
  • @dawnwells

    Obvious link is obvious...
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