Imitation is the best compliment


Many of you saw how @Awint tried to get customers from us. First with seo service, later with requesting his own interface. Im glad I din't gave him the api access as he would only use it to steal James work as he did with SER now.

Yes you read right, he is copying SER in every single bit. Should I concerned? No, it's funny in fact. Sure some people will go to his new product thinking it's innovative but Im sure they will soon realize it's just another Chinese copying things (sorry didn't want to offense Chinese though).

But I find it funny how someone steals engines, script language, dat files (addess data e.g.), proxy sources and many things more without mentioning anything or at least hiding it. In fact some weeks ago he asked me for the format of project files, I guess he just can't get his mind on a proper format on that.

So if you see some ZSubmitAnything be proud to own the original and not some ripoff .NET shit.


  • hey @sven is not the tool its you who makes the difference :-bd

    and look at the bright side... this is freed Adertisement for your software
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I wouldn't worry about it. You have a whole GSA army here on this forum and many others that will support your hard work.

    I've seen him trying to build "buzz" for his tool and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere on the forums. I just don't get why he tried copying SER when it is already established as a leader in the SEO software market.

    He's wasting his time ...
  • I dont even know who he is :)
  • SvenSven
    Well it's not the problem that someone tries to code a similar tool. The issue I have with this is that he steals everything. From engine files, icons to data files and proxy sources...EVERYTHING! It's a cheap copy and he doesn't even tries to hide it. Others would send there lawyers in this case. I don't care as I hope people realize that this is just a bad thing.
  • I think most of the savvy readers here could spot what sort of person awint was just from reading a few of his posts. Big on talk, small on everything else.
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    since day one it was obvious that this guy is a fake pussy...i would have banned him long ago.

    every day he was asking users for new drupal lists so he can "test" his fixed engine..haha..he asked me 4 times (!!) but of course i never gave it to him because i knew that he just wanted to steal targets.

    also every day he is saying that sven is not giving the api to him...absolutely obvious that he was trying to do.

    just a stealer, nothing more. in the seo industry there are a lot of dumb guys but not that dumb that they all will buy his tool.
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    Even if his software is free, I wouldn't touch it. Why? Because the developer behind it isn't Sven. All other SEO developers suck compared to Sven. They don't listen to their customers and they don't send out updates like Sven.
  • It's a shame Awint and Sven couldn't have figured out a way to work more closely together, but I suppose it's just the nature of people with opposing views. I'm slightly reminded of the old Microsoft vs Apple battles. Historically, rivalry pushes companies to innovate faster to stay ahead. As unpopular as the opinion may be to loyal customers, the truth is, competition is good for the consumer.

    Now I'm certainly not saying I agree with what everything Awint is doing. Blatantly ripping off another developer hard work is always a pity to see. But at a second look, many of the engines and features found in SER were built from the ideas we all contributed as a community. I don't think any one developer can claim the rights to that.

    So I suppose to awints defense, it at least looks like he's spending most of his time focusing on web 2.0 submission - a larger weakness with SER at the moment. I certainly hope he doesn't give up on that just because of outlash from the community. It would be a pity because I know how hard he was working on it. It's a bitch to keep those suckers up to date, and it would be a shame to see so much work go to waste - regardless of everything else being such a copycat of SER.
  • SvenSven
    I can't agree with you @NocT. @awint was not even hiding his rip off. Have a look at the files, almost everything is stolen. Even though most ideas added to SER came from people on this forum (thanks), I don't think it's innovative to steal from here and not even mentioning things.
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