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Still getting profile links even unchecked

edited September 2013 in Bugs

I read on the forum before that If I want to avoid building profile links, I've to uncheck
  • Profile-Anchor text
  • Profile-Contextual
  • Profile-URL
from Options >> Type of links to create. However, today while checking one of my Tier 1 campaigns which I unchecked these options, I found many profile URLs from the "BuddyPress" platform under the Article selection.. This seems to be the only platform that has this problem.

Could you please check this out since I don't like to get these type of links pointing to my money site..


  • SvenSven

    Thats no profile but "Micromessage-Anchor text". Uncheck that type as well than.

    I also edited your post to not show your target URL.

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