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No more targets...

Just created a new project with only wiki-sites. SER tells me "Attention! No more targets but also no competitor analysis wanted". I am pretty sure that until now the programme used the selected search engines to search for wiki sites (no need for competitor analysis). What happened?


  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I'm getting this message but when I look at the remaining target URL's, each project still has like 10K+. Not sure whats happening with SER
  • SvenSven
    Well easiest way is to check if search engines are selected? ;)
  • Ok... not the search engines were the problem (of course I had a look at that before) but it seems I unchecked "Article-Wiki" in "Type of backlinks to create". Must have happened unnoticed because I normally only uncheck the profile links in this option. So it was my fault, sorry.
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