cpu usage correlation

Well, I've been using GSA for about a week, and first I started in my home PC. The problem was the connection, since I have 10Mb/0.5Mb Cable. 

I moved to a VPS (1 Core Berman) and It was running fine with 3 projects and 200 thread.
Then I added 2 more projects and CPU started to max out very frequently so I reduced threads to 150. Also, submissions were more than 10k in some of the original projects.
Now, I added 2 more, and submissions are > 20k for 2 projects, >1k for 2 and >100 for 3, and CPU is really struggling. I had to reduce threads to 75 to prevent the VPS from maxing CPU and I still get 100% peaks. 
RAM isn't maxed (300MB free, 1GB total.

Since Installation I've added many sites (tens of thousands) to site lists, and also I'm running the last version with "find URLs from verified sites" checked.

Is this increment in CPU usage normal? What measures can you recommend? Thanks!


  • A little update:

    I started reducing threads, 10 at a time, to see if CPU usage decreased.

    It kept at 100% at 60,50,40,30 and 20 threads, but system started to seem more responsive.

    At 20 Threads it sometimes decreases cpu usage (while searching) but goes back to 100% when submitting.

    In verification mode cpu usage is very low.

    LpM stays at about 8 with 20 threads. 

    I think in this case CPU is a big bottleneck, don't know if it's because of filters, project size (doing tier 1A, 2,2A,3 and 3A for 1 site, with 18k submitted for 3A) or something else.
  • Accepted Answer
    CPU is in most cases the bottleneck for SER and not the connection or RAM from my experiences...
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I'm having this same problem now for a few days.

    Running SER on a VPS and had to bring down threads to 20 and still CPU usage is showing 99%. Also, SER had that out of memory popup this morning when I logged in to my VPS.
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