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Bookmark Titles

edited October 2012 in Need Help

Just a quick question on what everyone else does. With bookmarking, it takes the title of the bookmark as the anchor. Does everyone therefore just put the description as {blue widgets|green widgets|pink widgets} or do you make it more of a title but containing the keywords such as: - We {sell|retail|offer} the best {blue widgets|green widgets|pink widgets}.

I have just been making the title a spin of my primary keywords but it is after all a title so I am wondering if I should be adding the keywords into a spun title rather than just using keywords.


  • I just stick with the anchor text i wish to rank for.
  • I use a tool called ubertoolz which creates titles for just about anything each of which can contain ur keyword. It's one of those tools which saves so much time it always astounds me. Not affiliated in anyway, but for creating bookmark titles (amongst a whole load of other things) it's an invaluable tool.
  • I do What Doubleup says as well and just use the anchor text.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I use an anchor text variation. Instead of "green widgets" it will be a variation like "buy beautiful green widgets". The keyword is still in the title but it looks more like a bookmark title. Either exact keyword or keyword variation should work.
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