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"URL resolve failed"


I've been watching this error very often:

13:15:35: [-] 074/120 PHPBookmark url resolve failed
13:15:35: [-] 074/120 captcha error - trying again -

And in some other domains/platforms too. I think it's related with captchas not working on that sites.

However, the "bug" is that GSA SER is repeatedly trying to post to that sites, sometimes a few times each minute.

Don't know if it's a bug or I'm missing something, but it can degrade performance IMHO.


  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I've seen this lots also.
  • SvenSven
    It's no bug....SER tries that site again to get the image from.
  • Sven:Hi!I come across that message "xxx url resolve failed" a lot.
    Can I set more retrying times to get the right captcha image?
  • SvenSven
    Not really. This usually means that it's a recaptcha and google blocked you.
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