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Tier´s keywords

Hi guys,
I am wondering what are the best keywords for tier 1, tier 2 and so on?
Exact keywords like the money site or near related or broad ones and what is the perfect keyword number of tier 1,2,3,..?



  • Hi @stoffl
    There isn't a right or wrong answer.  Some of us say same KW as money site, some of us say related KW getting broader up the tiers.

  • 2 tier 1 

    tier 1: web 2.0 with main keywords 10-40
    other tier 1: web 2.0 generic keywords so 10-40

    Tier 2: Related, same and few variations, generic

    Tier 3: same as tier 2 
  • Or just 1 tier with about 40% 50% of Generic
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