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Combining Campaigns With Outsourcing

I'm a noob, so please be gentle with me. So I used a pretty reputable agency for my link building, and they did quite well. The links are good, and my KWs all got a very nice boost. What's got me excited is that the agency typically got me onto the first page. GSA can put what they did on steroids. I also realize that it's a loaded gun, and I don't want to shoot myself in the foot. I got a full report of all of the links. The campaigns were in a few stages:

1. They built 3 mini sites on top Web 2.0s Linking to my money site. Nicely done with images and videos.
2. They Built 40 Web 2.0 articles linking to the mini sites
3. They Built 170 bookmarks linking to the Web 2.0 Articles.
4. They Built 500 profile links to the 3 mini sites

Power Articles
1. Submitted 5 articles to a top article site.
2. 30 Bookmarks to the articles
3. 40 Supporting articles to top articles
4. 15 social bookmarks to my money site

Plus, another 500 posts to my money site.

This was spread across 3 Target URLS on my money site.

Would it make sense to target any of these links with GSA? Is so, what would you target, and how? I'm a little hesitant - don't fix what isn't broken. Any ideas would be appreciated.


  • Not being funny, but if you were happy with the work that the agency were doing, and *IF* you were seeing a good ROI, then why did you stop using them?

    With regards to link building, you could build links to any of the contextual properties above, but if the site is making you money, and you're not sure what you are doing, then probably better to buy a load of domains and some hosting to pracitise on first (some of which, might also come in handy further down the line if you ever want to build a mini network of sites).

    Probably not what you wanted to hear, but just my honest opinion.
  • What fun is that? We have some big sites with a lot of keywords, and doing it ourselves is a hell of a lot cheaper.
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