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Anchor text recommendations...

For starters, this is an awesome forum. Thank you to everyone who has shared their secrets. This is my first attempt at automated link building, and I am treading carefully. 

I haven't seen any recommendations with the new anchor text options. Can anyone make a recommendation or point me in the right direction? Don't worry, I won't blame you if things go badly. I am looking at pointing about 200 tier 1s at an internal page, spread out over 2 weeks. The page currently has about 1000 links already. I used a good company to build a lot of them using tiered link building, and it worked well.

I have 2 main keywords for the page (Same word, plural and singular), plus 4 longtails.

Main Anchor Text% (2 word phrase, single and plural ex: Personnel Service, Personnel Services)

Partial Match Anchor Text% (I'd rather not use this - my main keyword is 2 words, and a 1 word phrase is useless) 

Secondary Anchor text% ((4) Long Tail 3 word phrases, plural and singular. ex: "Personnel Services Company", "Personnel Service Companies")

Branding Anchor Text %

LSI Anchor Text % (I'd rather not use this. LSIs will point at other pages. I have a deep site, and my KWs are very tightly  targeted)

Generic Anchor Text%

Domain as Anchor Text %

Anchor Text Variations  % (Not sure how this works. Does This affect the other %s, or does it use the existing %s and vary them? For example, if I use 30% Exact match, and I set Variations to 20%, are 6% (20%x30%) of the anchor text exact match variations?

Thanks so much for the help.

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