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selecting all projects > modify project > edit only engine/options not working as expected

GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
edited October 2012 in Bugs
I did above and I only changed the engines used to harverst new targets
and pressed save

what I ended up with was
1. all projects had the same type of targets to submit to (directories, articles lets say)
based on the targets that were set on the 1st project

2. projects that had no data for some engines now they had the data of the 1st project

this can be disastrous if one does not realize that this has happened


  • SvenSven
    Well thats how it was intend to work. It uses the data of the first selected project if things are required by an engine and other projects have this data not edited.
  • Yes but if the  the menu says EDIT ONLY OPTIONS/ENGINES
    it is still very confusing and can be disastrous

  • GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
    edited October 2012
    I see engines means target engines
    and not search engines

    maybe you should think of renaming it to

    Edit only options/target engines

    or even better splitting it to 2 seperate actions

    edit only target engines
    edit only options

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