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Link pattern technique for target search

I recently saw a video from a guy teaching a technique with XR, where he loaded a bunch of URL's from GSA and ran a link pattern analysis, so he would end with /register/user /register.php and so.. and then ran an inurl search with the most common paterns to find new platforms. I think an inbuilt version of that would be great.

Now, something I'm doing by hand and I think it would be a killer feature: 

Since most people is doing multi-tier campaigns, it's very common that an external link in a forum profile where we posted with GSA leads to another platform where there's a contextual/better quality link/Tier1 link. So the mechanic would be:

If we got a verified link in http://forum.xx/profile/JohnDoe > Search for http://forum.xx/profile/ > Scan results for external links > scan external links for platforms.

Doing it with SB has lead me to some good results, but It's not as automated as it could be doing it right from GSA.

Hope you like my ideas :)


  • SvenSven
    I don't see a use in this to build into SER. If you do it once it's enough and any further thing would not give you much more different sites. Right now the footprints that give good results with inurl: are already added. Let me know if you have some more who are not.
  • I think this is different, here is an example: is a verified link from one of my campaigns.

    First result is:‎ which is a blogtronix based site with a link to a forum profile in
    So we have identified a blogtronix site using a forum profile, and many other results which are platforms on where to post links

    Then we search inurl:"" which gives back a lot of forum profiles in that domain.
    We go to the profile and it contains a link to: where we can post a link too.

    So the purpose of using this inurl technique is not finding platforms, but finding link in already known (verified) sites, which lead to other sites. 

  • SvenSven
    Ahh ok yes that makes more sense.
  • SvenSven
    next version has a new option to get target urls from verified's a bit different but much faster and had great success on a fast test
  • Hi Sven,
    will this include internal links on for eg trackback and blog sites?
  • SvenSven
    no, just external once
  • Nice!, If it's something like what I posted, how could I do a test so the normal footprint search is disabled and only verified url method is used?

    Thanks Sven
  • SvenSven

    disable all search engnes and everything under search engine box except:

    Use URLs linking on same verified URL (supported by some engines only)

    Make sure you have some verified URLs in that project (guestbookes, blog comments, trackbacks, image comments...).

  • If I use global lists too, identified URL's should "jump" to the other projects right?

    disabled all search engines
    disabled collection of keywords from targets
    disabled using of collected keywords to find new targets

    Checked using of global lists and URLs linking on same verified URL

  • SvenSven
  • @Sven is the best, we need more Svens on our lives!!
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