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Threads lock when checking proxies


I've set-up GSA so it checks every 15 minutes for new proxies, which are loaded from a file (.txt) generated by another software. I haven't managed to make it work so disabled proxies get removed and new proxies get loaded seamlessly. 

If I check "test proxies", it somehow works (even if it has to test them agan, which I just did in the external software), but sometimes proxy checking threads get stuck and proxy counts starts to decrease, and there is no way to unstuck them except restarting the application.

It would be very good if you could just schedule deleting all disabled proxies and loading new ones from a file or folder.



  • SvenSven
    You got an option to delete proxies older than XYZ minutes.
  • edited September 2013
    It's checked but I think it's not working as intended. Here is a screensot of my settings. As I said before, test proxies is checked otherwise it doesn't delete bad proxies when adding new ones.

  • SvenSven
    Uncheck the option to do this only when having less than 1000 proxies!?
  • I Think I tried checking/unchecking that option too, but anyways I never have more than 500 or so... it should remove bad proxies right?

  • SvenSven
    yes it should.
  • Well, I'll keep monitoring, but threads locking when testing proxies already happened 2 times in 1 day. I think that's a bug for sure, unless it has something to do with the OS or vps

  • image

    Here is a cap of the error. I can't delete or abort the scanning, it just gets stuck and I have to force close the program. Also, If I press "stop" one or two projects don't stop and If I try to put them in Inactive mode they just stay in "Stopping".

    Hope this helps identifying the problem. Thanks
  • SvenSven
    It's busy testing proxies (6 threads left). Usually this is aborted if taken too long. I can't see why it's not. Next time please go to the main form and hit Help->Create bugreport so that I see what threads might hang where (would be good if just proxy search/test and no projects are active).
  • Ok, I'll do that, thanks!
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