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PR Settings By Page

Hello all, just started using SER from last week, works great, been running some projects, looking forward to some results soon. Have been lurking on this forum too looking for tips and ideas, which has helped me get going pretty fast.

I just wanted to check whether it was possible to filter by PR of page such as in blog commenting/guestbooks as opposed to filtering by domains alone?


  • goonergooner
    Yes, in project options where it says "use pr of domain" you can click it and change to "use pr of page".
  • @gooner, Thanks mate, that works.

    A pretty useful tool indeed!
  • goonergooner
    edited September 2013
    It is, but i must warn you that i tried that setting myself and it found hardly any pages and is also wrongly recognized a few PR N/A as PR2+.

    This was a very small test, i let it run for maybe an hour - So hopefully you will have better result.
  • Thanks for the warning, yes just doing lots of testing for now to see what woks and what does not...
  • goonergooner
    You're welcome mate, good luck :)
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