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A feature to prevet captcha folder contamination

The last 24 hrs I spent some time to improve drupal captcha

and noticed that the drupal folder on my system was contaminated with lots of OTHER NON-drupal captcha images (about a dozen different captcha types having their own precise category/folder)

may be from my own earlier captcha improvement work - I noticed repeated times that CB saves captchas sometimes in totally different folders - may be it is win7 OS responsible for such mis-placemet.

the result of course is that in auto improvements, brute force or other attempts to improve captcha resolving - specially using masks, there are "foreign" captchas interfering with the work, causing wrong hash values = 2 values for same letter or  for same letter) or other errors.

As I understand during every update all self-made efforts are overwritten by the update,
that's perfectly OK if known

may be a feature to first clean up (empty) all captcha folders before adding the newest upgrade version might prevent such folder contamination?
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