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Captcha Breaker VS Captcha Sniper - A Definitive Case Study

HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
Hey guys,

I've been wanting to do this for quite some quite but never got around to it...until now! 

After a while of running CS, I was sure that CB was better. The constant freezes and whatnot are annoying as hell as well as the fact that it seems like it gets every captcha wrong when I'm looking. 

So I just downloaded the demo version of CB and started to figure out the details of the test. Also, I wanted to test the Spamvilla + CB combo and compare that to pay-per-captcha services. I've contacted spamvilla asking if I could borrow their API for a few days to include them in the test and got a positive response but never heard back from them after that. Oh well, if they want to pass on free promotion it's their loss.

But let's forget all that and dive right in to the test! I've tried to be as transparent as possible so anyone can replicate this test.

What exactly have I done here?

1. Compiled 5 lists using the "Identified" folder from my SER and loads of randomization:

  • Random mix #1 (10k sites - all platforms)
  • Random mix #2 (10k sites - all platforms)
  • Social Bookmarks (2,5k sites - Pligg, Phpdug, Scuttle)
  • Web 2.0s (2,5k sites - Dolphin, Elgg, Jcow, Oxwall, PHPFox, PHPizabi)
  • Wikis (2,5k sites - DokuWiki, MediaWiki, TikiWiki, MoinMoin, WikkaWiki)

2. Created 4 projects in SER for each of these lists, the names are self-explanatory:

  • "DeathByCaptcha" - Retry captcha 1 time
    • Serves as a control project to see what is the max # of sites we can post to
  • "Captcha Breaker" - Retry captcha 4 times
  • "Captcha Sniper" - Retry captcha 4 times
  • "No captcha" - Skips all captcha
    • So we can know which sites don't use captchas and keep them out of the equation.

The general idea for each list (test) is the following:

  • By using content scraped from very similar keywords using the same software, we minimize the chance that content is affecting the results
  • We're working with "successfully submitted" numbers
  • Take the links from "DeathByCaptcha" as the maximum number of links you could expect from other projects
  • Subtract the "NoCaptcha" submitted links from the "DeathBycaptcha" links to get the number of sites that use captcha
  • Calculate the success rate for CS & CB projects based on that number

The results are in...



Now while this all seems pretty close, let's put things into perspective with some math.

First we need to look and see that "DeathByCaptcha" submitted 7,074 while "NoCaptcha" submitted 4,446 links in total.
From this we can conclude that around 2,628 sites have captcha. Now we take our "Captcha Breaker" & "Captcha Sniper" projects and subtract those4,446 links that didn't require any captcha. 

After doing so, we see that:
"Captcha Breaker" successfully posted to 2,097 sites with captcha = 80% success rate
(2,097 / 2,628)

"Captcha Sniper" successfully posted to 1,452 sites with captcha = 55% success rate
(1,452 / 2,628)

Also, I've used Test #2 as a speed test and here is how long it took each project to go through the entire list:
"No captcha"30min
"Captcha Breaker"33min
"Captcha Sniper": 42min

My 2 cents...

Take what you will from this test but if you add the fact that CS has some stability issues and CB is updated daily while CS is updated every few months, I think we have a clear winner. Even tho CB costs some $40 more than CS and you might be on a tight budget, I recommend spending those extra $40 here and saving yourself from loads of frustration down the road.

Also, I was amazed when I saw that CB isn't that far behind DBC (and in one of the specific tests I ran, it actually performed better than DBC lol). As the OCR gets even better, it could very well be the beggining of an end for all pay-per-captcha services out there. Cause why would you constantly have to buy new captcha packages when there's a one-time fee software our there that can handle 80%+ of captcha being thrown at it? (Even more when combined with Spamvilla which is yet to justify it's steep monthly price)

If you're interested in more tests including only specific types of links (Social Bookmarks, Web 2.0s & Wikis) you can find them in the original blog post.

On the other hand, if you're a CS user and want to repeat this test for yourself, just download the CB demo and go for it. All the details are here, if there's something I missed, comment below and I'll do my best to explain it. :)


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited September 2013
    Wow bad ass comparison! It's pretty cool to see that CB isn't far behind DBC. I never would have imagined it was that close.

    That's a quality post right there. =D>
  • SvenSven

    Yes indeed some interesting facts here. Thanks for doing this :)

    Oh and please point out that I have nothing to do with this comparison. We don't know each other :)

    What also would be interesting to see would be a test with CB + SpamVilla-Recaptcha. I guess this combination would beat everything.

  • Sven you beat me into this Hinkys feel free to pm me here about a free account of spamvilla for a run i would also like to see as i also use GSA SER and Xrumer only for link creation results are pretty awesome and sick so far
  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    Yeah, that caught me by surprise too lol.

    Also, I ran the web 2.0 test multiple times cause I thought I messed it up but each time the CB project had more submissions than DBC.

    Well this might seem like me doing you a favor but if the results were the other way around, I'd still post this here without a second thought. :) That being said, I don't know you but you seem like a very nice guy that goes to immense lenghts to please his customers. SER is so far ahead of other link building bots that it's not even funny.

    All I did was take your software, compared it to someone else's and who would have thought that your unbelievably awesome attitude translates quite well into your bots.

    Your software did better in the test, it's more reliable (I only used the demo version but it worked perfectly + I figure there's no possible way that it's LESS stable than CS), and you provide more frequent updates. Other people deserve to know this.

    Also, these kind of posts make wonderful blog content. :)

    My biggest regret from all this I don't have the extra $120 to upgrade to CB. xD


    Sure, I'd love that but my demo version of CB has unfortunately expired. Maybe if @Sven would be so kind to let me use the demo version for another 5 days. ;)
  • Hinkys i wish he do that may be you should pm @Sven

  • People who get lazy from success will soon lose that success.

  • SvenSven

    @user_name I hope thats will never be the case with GSA.

    @Hinkys check pm

  • @sven, maybe it is a good chance to bring CS users over to CB if you were to offer discounts to them as long as they proved that they have a copy of CS with them
  • SvenSven
    The question is, how can I validate this? ;)
  • @Sven, when you buy CS, you get an email with your license info. Ask ppl to submit a screenshot of this email confirmation. The subject field must be "Captcha Sniper - Order Information" and it must come from ""

    Do this please so I can switch to GSA CB lol! :P
  • Doesn't seem very fair for all the people already purchased both captcha programs. I like many bought cs before cb and would of jumped for this opportunity to get it cheaper. It didn't come cheap. Especially when buying ser. :(
  • well it's a marketing technique to attract cs users over to cb.

    Generally people tend to look at the price first therefore they chose cs over cb. In addition one of the thread in bhw where the author of cs made a comparison to prove his product was better but that's is because he ran his tests after his updates. Take note his updates are few months apart so the software is not functioning as well.

    @pclweb, It's like purchasing something from a store. if a discount is given after 2 days you have bought, you can't just go back to ask for the i don't see why sven can't employ a discount to current cs users as more cs users will jump boat over which in turn sven's pocket will be heavier thus increasing his motivation: ). It's not like people who bought both cs and cb will boycott cb because of the discount offered and return back to cs. 

  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    @SpamvillaSent you a PM. ;)

    @user_name - This is why you should setup goals that are really far away from where you are right now.

    @Sven - Thank you so much for the CB license, now I'll do my best to show all you guys how to stop paying for captcha once and for all! I take my hat off to you, sir!

    As for introducing a discount for current CS users; the email idea doesn't sound that bad tho you will still get people that will try to fake it. Basically any way you do it you will get people trying to fake it, it's Sven's call if he wants to deal with something like that or not. Marketing and idea like that is another story as it would seem like a very low thing to do and maybe even reduce the overall trust in GSA. 

    One thing is sure, it would definitely bring loads of new CB users.
  • Not surprised here. I tried captcha sniper and captcha breaker, and my feeling was that the success rate was higher. On top of that, the setup is way better.

    My current setup is:

    CB (2 retries) w/ spamvilla on recaptcha only
    DBC (PR2+ Do Follow Links)

    This works great. In a day with 20k submissions and 6k verified links, I get about 800 DBC submissions, so the cost is extraordinarily low. I tried MEGA-OCR and it seemed to do nothing. They offered to check and see if something was wrong with my setup. I haven't gotten back to it. Unless someone thinks adding mega OCR to this formula would halve my DBC submissions, I don't think it's worth it.

  • I am kind of curious to see CB and CS, vs DBC, if it would get the same as DBC, or if having CS after CB wont actually do anything.
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