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Bermanhosting down?

I have 2 extreme VPSes with bermanhosting, but cannot connect to either one of them via RDP.(service status at berman's shows both are still "active"). It's been only hours since my last successful connection, nothing has been changed after that. Is anyone else experience this? anyone using berman plz share your experience at this moment, right now I'd be happy if berman has some tech problems, otherwise I must be found violating their rules by using SEO software. :(


  • Hi
    I have 3 VPS there and havent had a problem everything has been running all week
  • no mines absolutely fine. no problems at all. the occasional slowdown but thats about it.. :)
  • Thanks guys, problem solved. I just change another laptop, it's okay now. anyway still have no clue how it happened, maybe the latest windows update to blame.
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