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%spinfile-names.dat% - Small Problem

edited October 2012 in Bugs
I have a custom 'about yourself' highly spun comment. Part of this uses the %spinfile-names.dat% file in two places within the same comment (i.e. my mate blah, recommended me and my name is blah). When you test it it works fine with different random names shown up for each reference to the dat file. The problem however is when you see the comment live - its using the same name in both places rather than choosing random entries from the dat file.

Its a small bug which I would think would be easy to fix :) ??!!


  • SvenSven
    actually this is not a bug. This was build to only use one random name from the same file as the program assumes to reuse this content later on. E.g. when filling things in later forms you should named the same way. You can work around of this by using the #file_links macro there the content is not saved.
  • OK, that makes sense - need to find some more information around implementation of that macro - unfortunately the script reference within GSA just tells me it cant find a reader to show the manual (I have adobe installed) - any help on the path of the file so I can open it manually?
  • SvenSven

    use this one...


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