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URL Verification has stalled

I am new to GSA SER and have a question / concern. I ran a Tier 1 campaign (PR 3+) for 5 days and GSA shows "submitted" 224 URLs and "verified" 18. I turned off the campaign 48 hours ago but left the campaign as "Active". There have been no changes to the number of verified URL's during this time. I was expecting at least some change to those results. Am I missing something here?

Related settings are currently:
Project Status: Active
Verified Links must have exact URL: unchecked
When to verify: custom time = 60 minutes


  • SvenSven
    what version?
  • I've been updating with each new push. Currently at ver 6.5.3
  • same problem here. i have updated to 6.53 now and here is my stat for tier 1.

    I have kept strict filters to post to only 30 submissions per day and yet I had so many submissions.
    When i checked, I had a lots of "account verification awaited" for my submissions. 90% of 915 submissions are awaiting account verifications. 
    I checked logs, there is no error in email setup. The setup is fine.
    I checked the emails and found many links there which GSA- SER was not able to find. 
    Can someone please help me with these? 
  • Experiencing same here, the only thing that actually works for me is to run the verification mode manually and then set it back to active. Otherwise it keeps not verifying.
  • theseol,

    I'm not familiar with the manual verification process you are mentioning. Would you please explain how to do this?

  • @Nrl : he would be logging into each account and verifying the links if i am not wrong.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    Have you guys checked your email accounts aint been suspended by hotmail
  • I checked them by running the test function in the "settings, E-Mail verification" tab. All check green OK.

  • Stop project, click verify only, let it run to end, then set to active. Works for me better than waiting while being on active.

    Manually activating I just do randomly to check if it's the platform or GSA's mistake :)
  • edited September 2013
    I checked emails again and found that few of them are asking phone verification.. so dead.
    And in few email accounts, i had the POP folder created where most of the emails were.
    I ve no clue how did that happen. 
    also, in one email I had 700 deleted mails most from mediawiki platform. Think the problem is with my email provider. 
    Someone please recommend any quality email providers.
  • edited September 2013
  • cherubcherub
    I've been staying away from the whole hotmail/outlook area for a while now and never looked back. I use a combination of my own email domains and accounts from
    You wont get any of these problems when you have complete control of your mail accounts.
  • I may have found something contributing to this problem. When I initially tested the emails "edit, E-mail verification, test all" they all failed. I found this to be odd so I exited the GSA SER application and restarted the test. This time all 200 email addresses tested good except 2. I deleted those 2, restarted the verify process and am now getting the expected results. 

    Today I set up a Tier 2 campaign pointing to the Tier 1 and everything appears to be working fine. 
  • hi guys,
    i got the same problem. got a lot of submited but almost none verified (260/8).

    I checked hotmail, there are mails in POP folder, also am using default email (

    how to solve the problem? got latest version.
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