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Recommended settings? Proxies keep getting banned

What are the recommended settings so that proxies don't get banned?  I've got to check the system every couple of hours since it will have either stopped due to no proxies available or it will be down to less than 10 available (out of a possible 70 private proxies). I do a "test proxies" and almost all of them will come back as good ... for a couple hours until next time? 

Not quite falling into the autopilot category quite yet.....


  • SvenSven
    Higher the waiting time between search engine queries.
  • My wait time is set to 62 seconds with 50 private proxies. What is yours?
  • mine was set at 60, increased to 75. the jury is still out as to whether that  helped or if i need to increase more.
  • no go, had to increase to 90, banned again within a few hours, increased to 101 and testing again....

  • Just select more search engines and you'd be fine, it will lower your worries too, lol.
  • Nope, 101 didn't work, still banned, trying 125.

    How would more search engines help?

  • They'll be distributed nicely along with the time, so Google gets a bit more rest as well. Also just staying on Google is not the best choice as you get banned faster and you then sit idle.
  • yesterday and today I noticed that G had "kind of banned" most of my private proxies
    officially they still ALL tested OK
    but in real life ALL I tested manually in clean browser = showed CAPTCHA PROMPT - many multiple captcha prompt, one ONLY repeated captcha prompt (endlessly)
    and in one case I only got the "Google sorry"
    leaving SER working but without results
    may be G just getting tough on proxy users specially those with intelligent selective footprints
    even Y showed in a simple browser test query with proxy and 2 word search term the Y version of "Y sorry"

  • SvenSven
    @All make sure your waiting time between search queries is high enough. On the latest versions this is important as the same proxy is used for the same search engine and it's query. So if you have set it to 60 sec and have 10 proxies, you can query every 6 sec. the same search search engine. It's a bit complicated to explain, but setting it to 60sec and it's all fine + the more proxies you have, the faster it gets.
  • I have almost 75 working private proxies and 60 was apparently too low, even 90 was apparently low, set it to 101 and it's ok so far...
  • Currently got mine set on 90, and thats with 50 dedicated private proxies but still getting bans. I have just increased it to 120 to see if thats going to make a difference
  • To everybody, won't setting it very high like 60+ lower the LPM? Especially for guys like me who even struggle to get 20 or so lol.
  • @squawk1200 what's your LPM at 90+ wait time?
  • what is lpm?

  • I have 20 semi/private proxies, and time setup to 35 seconds. No bans so far in 7+ days of uninterrupted link building 24 hours a day
  • @hyde thats pretty much what I was getting before, say a week ago. Had my time to wait between queries set at 30 seconds and never really had any problems - for some reason now though they are getting burnt really quick.

    How do you test your proxies then? If I test through Scrapebox they will all show as Google passed, but when you actually go to scrape with them they will show as blocked
  • @jd_salinger

    That's easy. In SER proxy tester, select custom, enter in first box (URL) as:

    and in next (string) box, enter:


    The ones which are returned as green meaning they could scrape on Google, the ones which did not (red), they failed.

    @squawk1200: It's Link Per Minute (LPM). You can see it in bottom bar of your SER.

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