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Why is so important private proxies?

Ey guys, I just was asking myself why it is so important private proxies?

Is it important for posting or for ranking?

I havent had any trouble posting with my own ip from house, so i ask why it may be important for ranking, because google cant see which  ip has posted an article or something.

So what do you think guys???


  • One reason is because problems happen when your proxy (or home IP address in your case) gets banned.
    If your home IP gets banned from google for example, then when you set up GSA SER to use google search engine to find results, it won't be able to. Sure, you might be getting lots of links right now but if your home IP address gets banned, that will end shortly.

    Public proxies get banned fairly quickly which is why private proxies are nice.
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    It has nothing to do with google. So imagine the situation when your ISP decides to terminate your account for spamming. Good luck finding another ISP. Your physical location may have only one Internet provider. In other words, you can no longer use the Internet. If you are going to do this kind of stuff it is best to do it offsite on a server.
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