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Big Problem with new projects

Hi dear friends , in gsa i want make new article project for my website , but after run it i just see last website with old keywords !!!

what is problem ?

Thank you


  • goonergooner
    hello @vizviz,

    You duplicated the old project and did not clear the url/kw's i think.

    Open the project, where it says "URL" click "edit" and then "Clear".

    Now enter new url/kws.

    Then click "Test" at the bottom of project window and check all data is ok.

    If you duplicate a project you always need to clear the url in project options.
  • No , for example now I creat a project for site a with keyword x , after finish it , tomorrow again I creat new project for site a and keyword x, now I just see again last verified project for this url . Why ?
  • SvenSven
    Please provide some samples (URLs, Happened on Engines, Logs). Also make sure to check the project option to verify exact URL.
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