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How to only submit to the existing accounts?

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Lets say I want to bookmark the new set of URLs and since it can be done under the same account GSA should do it right? Instead GSA does the whole process again REGISTER+VERIFY EMAIL+SUBMIT

I dont have any problem with this but it takes LOT of time to get the verified links which we should have easily got if we just submitted the link directly under the same account like how its done in Magic submitter or ultimate demon

Please let me know if this is possible as its kinda important to me as it increases the time and also the captcha solving costs

Thanks. Hoping a reply form Sven here


  • I haven't done that but I think you can first export account data [under tools=>export=>account data] and then import to another project..I don't know what setting you should use so that GSA will only post to the sites which have got accounts
  • Look under tools->import. You should see the option to use accounts from previous projects. You don't have to export them. 
  • i have (i think proplem with this tools->import)

    22:07:02: [ ] Loaded 0/20 URLs from site lists
    22:07:02: [ ] Loaded 0/90 URLs from site lists
    22:07:02: [ ] Loaded 0/92 URLs from site lists
    22:07:03: [ ] Loaded 0/23 URLs from site lists

    What is the message? He began to show a few days ago.

  • SvenSven
    @zaza Loaded 0/20 URLs from site lists << 20 URLs loaded from your site list, 0 of them are new to the project (all known and no need to post there again).
  • edited October 2012
    Hi Sven,

    i tried it and it worked for me, was able to post multiple different bookmarks under one login - but i have more questions here:

    - there is an option to export accounts from one project into external file, but i dont see option to load accounts from external file, just from other existing projects. Could you add this possibility? I am deleting old projects but still would like to use its account data...

    - i think there is some problem with exported accounts. Example: i imported this site (scuttle) - to a project but when i export accounts of this project (or use it to import accounts to other project), gsa creates a line with just + login + password (should be + login + password) so it doesnt work then cause there is no scuttle login link on the main page...
  • SvenSven
    I will add the account import from file. However the rest is correct. The account data is checked against the host only and not against some deep link. This doesn't mean the program will use the host to start submission. 
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