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Articles -- Seems like a lot of work -- How to automate?

I'm curious how other people handle articles for GSA.
Right now to get articles into GSA for my Tier 2's, I'm:
 1. Scraping 5 articles per GSA job
 2. Spinning it with TBS
 3. Importing the Article, Subject, and Summary into each job in GSA.

Is this how eveyone else does it?
Is there an better way? Hopefully a *free* better way?

And for my Tier 1's, I'm at a loss....
Do people really have a 100% unique article for every Tier1 article???
That seems expensive?



  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited August 2013
    You will need to invest in something like ACW from @collywobbles or Seo Content Machine from @scm.

    Both scrape article directories and mash up multiple articles to make unique content.  I use both and SCM has more options and is ahead of ACW in certain areas, but I still think ACW creates more readable spun articles for use with SER.

    Both will create spun content in a template that can be imported into SER.

    Depending on how averse you are to risk, both can be used to create T1 content and SCM has a new T1 article creator which creates a "fairly decent" human readable T1 article.

    There are also others, but I haven't used

  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited August 2013

    As said, if you don't mind a bit of risk you can do as suggested above, or if you want to stay on the safe(er) side you can manually spin your Tier 1 articles instead.

    You can create several hundred variations from a single 500 word article, with a bit of patience, a spinning program, and a few hours to spare.

    For tier 2 and 3, auto generated all the way.

  • I use both a bot I made with zenno and WAC (wicked article creator)
  • Good ideas. Thanks guys!

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